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Your company is already active on Amazon, but you’re not meeting your goals. Or perhaps your brand needs exposure to the world’s largest online marketplace, and you’re not sure where to start?

As an experienced Amazon agency with several best-selling in-house brands, we help our customers to better understand Amazon and scale their business with our proven AMZ-C system.

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Your challenges on the Amazon marketplace

There are countless barriers to success on Amazon – each of them is a reason to work with AMZ Controlling. We can help you quickly overcome these hurdles.


over product, pricing & margins

To sell successfully on Amazon, you need to carefully manage your brand, with a cohesive presentation of your products and a transparent cost breakdown. We help you to gain and maintain full control.


a proven system for visibility & growth

Do your products lack visibility? Over 70% of all Amazon customers only buy products from the 1st page of search results. Using our proven Amazon strategy we create value for your customers, boost product search rankings, and achieve the desired visibility.


saving time & capacity

Creating an Amazon sales channel is time-consuming. It’s particularly challenging at the start of your journey. AMZ Controlling can improve your competency in each part of the Amazon sales process, as well as being able to fully manage any and all operations for you.


inexperience with the Amazon platform

What performance data do you need to keep in mind and which techniques will positively influence the Amazon A-9 algorithm? Our experienced specialist Amazon consultants can train and support you individually, in all areas relevant to your business on Amazon.

The AMZ-C System

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More Profit.

A short overview of our services:

Product Selection


With targeted market and product research, we’ll help you to make the optimal product selection for Amazon.

Listing Content

Copy that elevates your brand, highlights the product’s USP, and appeals to consumer needs is only the start of a successful listing. AMZ Controlling scans the market to discover search terms that will perform best for your product, and where to place them. This way, we combine our knowledge of Amazon’s secretive best practices with exclusive research on your market niche.

A+ Content (EBC)

Amazon A+ Content (EBC) is playing an increasingly important role in listings, especially for customers that shop via the Amazon App. As a full service Amazon agency we create consistently appealing A+ Content for your products. Amazon is pushing A+ content to be the primary space to deliver product identity and sales content, so it needs to be perfect.

Amazon Advertising

It’s not enough to just be an expert in sponsored brands, PPC ads, and DSP campaigns. As an Amazon marketing agency we're always ahead of the curve, mastering and pioneering new developments in digital advertising. The benefits of this practice are immediately passed on to you. This is how we maximize your returns on ad channels with Amazon advertising.

Amazon SEO

Amazon's algorithm is always changing. Right now, it uses advanced machine learning to precisely match relevant products to customer search terms. Keyword stuffing won’t cut it anymore. With a deep understanding of this technology, we analyze market conditions to identify the precise keywords you need and incorporate them into your listings.


A smooth logistical chain is a basic requirement for successful selling and scaling on Amazon. We can help you to identify the blockers that are eating your time and margins, and optimize them away. Whether you’re a seller or a vendor, as your Amazon vendor agency our service can assist with your shipping process.

Financial Transparency

How much does selling on Amazon cost? Sellers and Vendors have different challenges concerning fee structures. This can leave you unclear about your costs and margins. We analyze your existing cost structures and support you in negotiations with Amazon, providing the clarity you have been missing.

Product Images

E-commerce lacks the real-world feel of physical products, so it’s vital to sell your product visually. You need to offer the consumer at least 6 images and a product video, all in high quality. Our Amazon photo guidelines make it easy to tell a story with pictures - persuading customers and enhancing your brand profile.


Amazon is a data-driven marketplace with complex reporting - margins of just a few percent are easily lost. We prepare all the relevant figures and KPIs for your Amazon business. This means the correct decisions are made, quickly and easily. To get the best out of services like FBA, precise metrics are vital.

Brand Store

The Brand Store is your custom online store on Amazon. Here is where you create your own branding ecosystem, away from competitors. It needs to represent your products with high-quality custom images, graphics, and videos.


In addition to operational support, we offer training, consultation, and workshops on all areas and topics related to Amazon - tailored to your individual needs. Our Amazon specialist team will grow your skills and confidence.


We're not just any Amazon advertising agency. As a multinational Amazon specialist with locations in several countries, we offer specialist support for your global sales presence. Our Amazon experts will provide native-speaking assistance at any time.


Behind AMZ Controlling is a 14-strong international team that advises a number of companies and corporations on all aspects of Amazon Controlling. 

Now headquartered in Munich and Glasgow, AMZ Controlling was one of Germany’s first Amazon agencies. Across our team, we speak every language within the international Amazon marketplace.

As well as guiding our clients to success, AMZ Controlling has plenty of experience operating our own best selling in-house brands. 

Would you like to expand your brand internationally or supercharge your product sales with Amazon? Whether it’s Amazon SEO consulting, Amazon PPC optimization, or strategic consulting: We look forward to your inquiry!

AMZ Controlling: Your Amazon consulting services agency

Our experts share their experience on all things Amazon and support you in your daily business operations.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re already a seller or vendor, or if you’re just an entrepreneur wanting to open your own Amazon sales channel.

Let’s create a bespoke support package from our unique modular services. Together, we’ll achieve your Amazon sales goals!

– Manuel Kretschmer

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